Ros Edlin

Ros Edlin


Stress Management Trainer working with you to reduce stress in the work place and at school

Ros is a stress and mindfulness trainer with many years experience in counselling and is passionate about reducing stress in the work place. She is committed to providing people with tools to manage stress in their working lives and create positive, stress free environment where everyone can flourish.

Ros has over 14 years experience in stress management, consultancy and training, developing and running workshops on stress management and mindfulness throughout the country.

Ros applies strategies to help schools and teaching professionals cope with the stresses that come from growing pressures on teaching staff, management teams and pupils.


Half of 8 to 17-year-olds are stressed and anxious about their academic performances, according to the Children’s Commissioner in 2011. The youngsters cite ambitious parents, as well as schools, as the source of the overwhelming pressure to achieve good marks and exam grades, said Dr Maggie Atkinson. The troubling figures emerged from research she commissioned about the impact of education on pupils

Stresswatch Workshops

Stresswatch provides workshops and programmes that specifically target the issues faced by Teachers and Pupils. Stresswatch offers a stress management interactive workshop to help develop practical strategies for coping with exam stress. Pupils will learn to understand the relationship between stress and performance and looking at the stressors, they will learn how to recognise  and manage stress for themselves. They will be given tools to help them cope with the stress they experience. The aim is to improve their overall performance and help them approach exams and the pressures of school in a more relaxed and productive manner.

Stresswatch offers on site stress management talks or interactive workshops, customised for the needs of secondary school pupils.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
CC Nov 16 Workshop Think Family Mental Health 3 Hours November 10, 2016