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Are you a small business looking for networking and speaker events, training workshops or support with your networking and business development strategy in order to grow your business?

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Whether you’re an experienced networker or new to the networking arena,  Colony Networking and Colony Women in Business events offer a professional yet friendly format. Events provide great content, fresh themes every month and maximum connection opportunities both during and afterwards as we continue to support and champion your business and can broker great business connections and introductions for you.

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Friday Feel-Good Feedback with Christmas cheer 🥂
Thanks this week to those who attended Colony Networking's social. Plenty of Christmas cheer, connection and reconnection with contacts - or rather business friends - both old and new.

The Christmas spiri…https://t.co/tb3WjwbL2P

Are you popping in for a drink or joining us for lunch at Colony's free networking social this Friday 14 December in Lymm, Warrington? 🎅🎄🎁

Here's the link to the latest newsletter from Colony featuring:
* Details of our Christmas networking event (las…https://t.co/L1o6Zr7XIJ

Are you popping in for a drink or joining us for lunch at our free networking social this Fri 14 Dec in Lymm? 🎅🎄🎁 - https://t.co/aKUZ3gyQ8J

Sunday Scheduling:
A chance to share plans for the coming week that might interest others. Here's some of what I'm up to or aware of in the #Warrington #Cheshire area. Hard to hide the Christmas theme 🙂

Mon 10:
* Monthly Marketing Masterclass with…https://t.co/94qkYK1fez

Friday Feel-Good Feedback & that fuzzy feeling of job satisfaction.
I'm sharing some of mine this week. Self-indulgent perhaps but I'm told I don't do it enough.

These are the lovely comments I've had this last week & represent the essence of job satisf…https://t.co/4svaVRO9Ge

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What are Colony Networking events like?

Colony runs mixed-gender networking events and women in business events.

Watch these short clips to see an event and hear from attendees and owner, Kirsty James.

What are Colony events like

What do Colony attendees say

About The Colony Networking Group

Colony organises events that support local businesses and communities in the Warrington area. The business networking group was first piloted in 2008 and then properly founded as The Colony Networking Group in 2010. In 2015, Colony Community was launched to offer events to individuals. In 2017 Colony Women was launched in response for female-only business events. Scroll down to read more about the different face of Colony.

Colony Networking

Colony Networking offers PAYG, non-membership networking and training events to male and female business owners based or trading in the Liverpool-Warrington-Manchester corridor.

Colony Networking runs two types of small business event. NETWORKING drop-in sessions are informal group events that offer open networking followed by different themes, presentations and activities. WORKSHOPS are pre-bookable structured events comprising networking but mainly intended as hands-on training or business support on a specific subject.

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Colony Community

Colony Community is a new community initiative launched in 2015 to help busy families access information and services on their doorstep relevant to modern day family lifestyle challenges.

Colony Community runs information and awareness events and practical workshops under the brand Think Family Matters intended for individuals and of particular benefit to parents, guardians and carers. The current topics include health and nutrition, eSafety and social media, mental health, and family finances.

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Colony Blogs

Read our blogs which support our event themes and offer advice, support, and inspiration for your small business.