Mike Grocott

Mike Grocott

Intercog Ltd

Interact better. Achieve more.

Are you looking to improve your own or your team’s communication skills so you can interact better and achieve more? If so, I can help!

As a trainer, I design and deliver courses that help people to develop their skills so they can communicate more effectively with other people. My courses cover a wide range of topics such as core communication skills, presenting, networking, how to give feedback, how to be a better coach, trainer or facilitator and how to interview or be interviewed.

As a coach, I help some people to be more confident and effective presenters and others to get more out of their networking activities. I also act as a sounding board for people as I’m good for bouncing ideas off apparently.

As a facilitator, I design and deliver a wide variety of events most of which are interactive networking events. I also create events that are more socially orientated such as quizzes and treasure hunts.

In the hybrid world that we live in today, I offer my solutions in person (where appropriate of course) and also online.

Underpinning the wide variety of the things that I do is the goal of helping people to interact more effectively with other people. This then results in increased confidence which in turn leads to greater success and ultimately people achieving more stuff (whatever that might be).

So if you would like more information on how I could potentially help you interact better and achieve more, please feel free to get in touch.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Apr 21 ONLINE: Colony Networking – Book Panel 1 Hours April 8, 2021
Feb 20 Colony Speed Networking (Warrington) February 2020 2 Hours February 13, 2020