Marc McDermott

Marc McDermott

NLP Training Ltd

NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapy Trainer, Time Line Therapy® Trainer, NLP Coaching Trainer

Marc is a certified Trainer in NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® , Creating Your Future® and NLP Coaching, and is in the Master Trainer Program. He is teaching NLP certification trainings and conducting Personal Breakthrough sessions, as well as coaching and consulting in the business sector.

Marc McDermott has 20 years experience working with individuals and organisations, to eliminate unwanted patterns of thinking, and achieve their true potential for success. His philosophy is that when you learn how to control your mind and communication, that leads to more success and fulfilment in your professional and personal life, and ultimately to achieving the life you’ve been dreaming of. In turn this helps the big picture of helping to transform the World into a better place, which is ultimately his aspiration.

Marc has also worked in the film industry for 17 years, in post production, specialising in design, installation and maintenance of the workflow and data flow for the entire production, as well as editing.

Marc will outline how to begin designing the future you want to experience, including how to think creatively and engage with your own amazing journey of continual discovery.



ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Jul 19 Colony Networking (Liverpool) July 2019 2 Hours July 10, 2019