Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes

No Rain No Rainbows

Workshops, coaching and support to help people living with trauma, autism and anxiety

Statistics show that rape, domestic abuse, self-harming, bullying, mental abuse, depression, suicide, addiction, autism and anxiety are all on the increase. Domestic abuse in the UK is 66% up on last years figures, it is time for change. If you are affected by trauma, autism or anxiety, you are not alone. We are here to help you.

No Rain No Rainbows provides workshops, coaching and support to people living with trauma, autism and anxiety.

We are committed to giving individuals the tools and guidance to help them love and accept themselves, to make informed choices and to improve many areas of their lives.

We work with charities, schools, voluntary organisations, community and faith groups.

The workshops are designed to help empower children, teens, and adults in loving themselves & finding happiness in their lives, despite current issues and challenges they may be experiencing.

The workshops are not considered a support group. They are however a place to learn new skills & tools to assist individuals in living a more self-fulfilling life, while supporting one another through the process.

These tools are complementary & integrative with already on-going therapy. During these interactive Work Shops, individuals will engage while learning new resources through exercises and discussions.



ID Event Name Duration Start Date
CC Nov 16 Workshop Think Family Mental Health 3 Hours November 10, 2016