John Bullock

John Bullock

Pain Point Coach

Leadership Development · Executive Coaching

Helping business owners, entrepreneurs, using my sporting background, complete their work in less time, with less stress and achieve more FREEDOM to spend with people that make you smile.

Two times British Light Weight Kick Boxing Champion
1983 Senior Kick Boxing Champion
1981 Junior Kick Boxing Champion
Retired A Class Kick Boxer
34 Fights
24 Wins
3 K.O.
Hardest Fight Liverpool 1984 John Bullock v Oliver Harrison 5×3 minute rounds Thai Boxing
Years Active 1979 – 1987 8 years
40+ years coaching experience
Trainer of 7 UK Champions
Two Black belts in Thai Kick Boxing & Ju Jitsu
Kru Certificate Muay Thai registered in Thailand
My Thai/Kick Boxing Instructors – Grand Master Toddy / Master Ronnie Green and my brother Jeff Bullock Head of ISKA Australia
My Ju Jitsu instructors Sensi John Hall & Sensi Keith Grosz
Favourite Technique – low kick

In this world of scheduled meetings, targets, traffic jams, constant phone calls and emails it’s no wonder many of us suffer burn out or just feel tired and drained. We usually drink too much, exercise infrequently which adds to the every anxiety you carry.

My unique program uses sport and experiential learning so that you can relate the experience to your business and general life.

What does sport teach you in business? Well here’s just a few for starters, Managing your time more effectively, more energy, Focus, team skills, planning, strategical and creative thinking, working towards dead lines, commitment, goal setting, leaving your comfort zone and entering the learning zone.

Other productivity benefits may include more time to spend on income generating activity, bring projects in faster adding more flow to deal momentum and customer satisfaction.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Mar 20 Colony Networking (Liverpool) March 2020 2 Hours March 11, 2020