Jo Howarth

Jo Howarth

The Happiness Club

Happiness Expert, Author, Speaker, Mindfulness, Corporate Resilience, Stress Management

The North West’s Happiness Expert || Author || Speaker || Corporate Resilience Training || Mindfulness Workshops || Stress Management Training

I teach people to be happy, whatever their definition of that is. We all have a different idea of what is going to make us more happy – more money, more relaxation, less stress, more confidence..…whatever that thing is I can teach you how to find that happiness, simply by letting go of all the negative stuff and allowing yourself to be happy.

Can you really choose to be happy? Is it as simple a choice as deciding which outfit to wear? Full fat milk or semi-skimmed in your morning coffee? Taking the scenic or the quickest route to work?

Or is our happiness driven by events outside of our control? That lottery win, an unexpected tax refund, a surprise gift from a friend?

Even if you agree that happiness is a choice and we are the masters of that choice, life, with all her beauty, still loves to throw us a good old curve ball (or two, or three) every now and then. Plenty can threaten to steal our joy from time to time.

The ways that I help people to choose happiness are:
• The Happiness Club membership programme where members get a personal daily dose of happiness and a weekly tool to create more happiness in their lives –
• One to One sessions with me either at your place, or mine –
• The Corporate Happiness Programme offers training to increase your staff’s wellbeing and resilience to stress (also can include stress management training specifically) –
• Happiness for Schools – both for staff and children to increase resilience and teach simple tools for mindfulness –


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Mar 17 Women Colony Women Launch – Networking Tea with a Twist 2 Hours March 30, 2017
CC Nov 16 Workshop Think Family Mental Health 3 Hours November 10, 2016