Janine Mitchell

Janine Mitchell

Change for Success Manchester

Therapist | Speaker | Coach | Ex-stressed employee. Supporting you, today.

Would you like to improve your mental health and well-being?

Are you troubled by past events that no matter how hard you try, they can’t be overcome?
Then I can help.

As a qualified and experienced therapist, I can help set you free from the troubling thoughts and memories that cause your health and well-being to suffer.

How would it feel if you could let it all go?

Thanks to the therapies I practice, people who once faced these difficulties are no longer suffering:

Panic Attacks
Fears and Addictions
Trauma and PTSD

We work together in an informal and relaxed setting in my consulting rooms in Manchester city centre.

To reach people across the UK and beyond, we can use Skype or Zoom.

We must all take care of our mental health if we are to be truly happy. Many of the principles I use in therapy can be learnt and practised.

Prior to running my own business, I had over 13 years experience of being in one of the most stressed out jobs, managing caseloads of high risk male offenders. There was no wellbeing support throughout my career. I, like many others, ended up on burn out. But I turned my life around by learning life changing techniques. This is what I teach my clients. It is my passion, to support clients through change is one of the most rewarding jobs.

For this reason I am running a 1-day workshop on 19th October, Less Stress more Success. You will learn proven techniques which improve mental health. Techniques which remove regrets, self-doubt, addiction, worry, pressure, depression, panic, anxiety and the after effects of abuse from your life.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Jan 20 Alderley Edge Business & Networking Club – 23 Jan 2020 2 Hours January 23, 2020
Nov 18 Networking Workplace Wellbeing 2 Hours November 23, 2018