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Helen Pritchard

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Consultancy | Strategy | Services | Recruitment Specialist | LinkedIn Coach

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About Helen

Are you running or part of an exciting company that is looking to grow – more clients, customer, candidates, staff?
Love it or hate it, digital marketing (done right) is key to business success
If you want more sales and profit it is in an integral part of any business strategy and that’s where I can help.

Often clients come to me with
Can you help us recruit staff using social media?
I need to do something with Twitter can you manage it for me?
Can you help me with LinkedIn?
Can you run a paid advertising campaign for me?
Can you refresh our website?
Can you train us on social media?

The answer is yes. But these are services.

Delivering services is the last piece of the puzzle and in the past I have definitely said YES! and got on with ‘doing’ for clients. Lots of them.

But that is the wrong way to do things. It doesn’t work. It’s an easy way for me to make money – you need X I can deliver for £Y.

But really, what services of ours that we can provide to your company should be the outcome that we deliver when we know WHY you need them and WHAT you want to achieve.

The order is this:

Consultancy > Strategy > Services

It’s a journey that starts very much at the beginning.

Luckily for you the first 30mins of my time is free – so if you think you need Digital Marketing help then lets jump on a call to see if what you think you need is really what you need and if I can help we can go from there. If its not for me and my company I will probably be able to refer you to the right person. So it’s a win either way.

So what are you waiting for? Email me helen@blueskydigimarketing.co.uk or call me on 07807 912 721 and lets get a call set up – bring your most pressing concerns, tricky frustrations or wildest dreams to the call and I’ll bring 10 years digital marketing and business experience to the party and lets see what happens!

Helen x

PS If you are looking for social recruitment information and advice please call 07807 912 721 to discuss

About Blue Sky Digital Marketing

We help companies understand how digital helps them grow – whether its more clients, more customers, more staff or more profit.

Just an incredible team of social media and digital marketing obsessives who live and breathe our clients campaigns as if they are their own.

Currently working on a solution to the recruitment problem through employer branded social media campaigns to pipeline candidates, and with companies looking for a new way to attract and retain apprentices and graduates.

We also work with agencies to give them a new way to fill their roles instead of traditional resourcing methods.

Successful case studies include healthcare, retail, logistics and education.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising specialists.

Famous for being normal people

On a personal level I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs utilise the incredible opportunity LinkedIn offers us for getting leads and sales without spending a fortune on advertising. If you want one of my infamous LinkedIn Success Sessions give me a shout at helen@blueskydigimarketing.co.uk


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
May 17 Networking Linkedin Essentials 2 Hours May 18, 2017