Debbie Hayes

Debbie Hayes

Flourish / Sleeptalk

Personal Leadership Coach, Goulding Sleeptalk Consultant, Tedx Speaker and "Mum"

Personal Leadership Coach, Goulding Sleeptalk Consultant, Tedx Speaker and “Mum”.

Debbie’s experience, intuition and pragmatic approach has delivered life changing results for many of her clients; helping them to feel equipped and empowered to make the changes they desire, whether it be be in the workplace, running a business or at home.

After using The Goulding Sleeptalk process with her own son to overcome heart breaking meltdowns she decided it was so impactful that she had to train in it herself to add to her coaching diplomas. She is on a mission to change our cultural and working landscape to ensure that the legacy we leave for future generations is a positive one.

Debbie openly shares the personal stories that have enabled her to nurture a positive mindset and foster higher self-esteem amongst everyone she encounters. She speakers regularly at events on communication, whether in the work place or the family, and how modern day lifestyle issues impact the choices we make.

The Goulding Sleeptalk process is a tool Debbie shares to empower parents to help their children achieve self confidence, self esteem and inner strength in just 2 minutes a day. Debbie is walking testimony that positivity is the key and shares her inspirational story first hand at speaker events, in coaching groups and in personal consultations.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
CC Nov 16 Workshop Think Family Mental Health 3 Hours November 10, 2016