Christine Marshall

Christine Marshall

Script-writer, magistrate and gregarious hermit

From trained nurse to comedy and drama script-writer, magistrate and gregarious hermit

Christine is an award-winning comedy and drama TV, radio and stage scriptwriter, currently contracted to Hat Trick Productions. Her career history has been varied and has also seen her become one of the three youngest people to achieve an OU degree and a thirty-year commitment as a magistrate.

Christine trained as a nurse in the 1980’s where she tried to get the nurses to strike for better pay, hours and definition from medics. She went on to medical school, did agency work in factories in the holidays, listened to BBC Radio 4 and went on to write an Afternoon Play.

Two significant departures then occurred:

She left medical school as her husband felt neglected. And she left her husband after coming across the true love of her life.

Christine went to work in a Children’s infectious disease hospital in Bucharest when Ceausescu was shot in Romania. She made a documentary with Dispatches about corruption of charities in Romania.

She has a Masters in Radio and TV screen writing, and made a short film ‘Pram’ which was chosen for the Cannes Film Festival. She wrote four more Afternoon Plays for BBC, she story-lined Coronation Street, wrote an episode of Doctors (Ironic) and had plays performed at Edinburgh Festival and The Lowry. Chris has also done stand up for a bet and got to the finals of Channel Four’s So You Think You’re Funny competition at Edinburgh Festival. Christine is currently contracted to Hat Trick Productions for a new comedy drama series and embarking this coming year on a film project which is an adaptation of a Lowry script ‘Three Sheets’ and which is to be filmed around St. Helens.

She now lives alone since the death of the love of her life and describes herself as a gregarious hermit.

Be prepared to be entertained – possibly with the odd bit of blasphemy – as Chris joins us for some stand-up comedy at IWD 2023

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