Catherine Sandland

Catherine Sandland

White Hart Training

Helping people who know their stuff, stand up and speak up and look, sound and feel supremely confident.

Here’s the thing…you know your stuff, right? . BUT… You struggle to know what to say or how to say it.

At some point most of us need to stand up and speak in public – when we do are we a bag of nerves or as dull as dishwater? Or do we deliver powerful, impactful messages that resonate and influence our audiences. That’s where I come in  – helping people who need to speak to groups, do so in a way that is inspirational not just informational and which motivates, inspires and engages.

You are great at one to ones. Sit you down in front of someone or around a table with a small group and you are fine. But it all goes pear shaped the moment you stand up. The expertise & confidence drain out through your toes. You go from experienced expert to exposed jelly

Or you struggle to be clear about what you are saying. You know so much that it is a challenge to speak concisely and engagingly. You are aware that you rely on PowerPoint too heavily and that your topic sounds dull. You worry that you sound dull and predictable and that people are only being polite when they say ‘well done’.

You are not alone. Many professionals, coaches, consultants and other experts in their field find the transition from cosy one to ones to Stand up and Deliver presentations an uncomfortable one at best and nerve wracking at worst. And if you want people to listen to what you say, to attract clients and be recognised as bringing something valuable to the table, then standing up and speaking is a great way of doing this.

How do you decide what to say? How do you start putting it together in a clear and engaging way? And how on earth do you get over those nerves and dislike of actually standing up and doing it? As a start you might want to visit my website, and receive regular weekly email tips.ranging from transforming your presentations from informational to inspirational, from boring to engaging and from predictable to persuasive.

I truly believe that when we miss out on or mess up on an opportunity to say what needs to be said and in a way that has impact and influence, then we do ourselves and other a huge disservice. Our clients, our staff our families and even our communities.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Mar 20 IWD Cheshire International Womens Day #IWD2020 – March 2020 4.5 Hours March 4, 2020
Jun 19 LIL #LinkedInLocal Warrington 2 Hours June 25, 2019
Oct 17 Women Colony Women in Business: Networking Soup for the Soul 2.5 Hours October 5, 2017