Alex Staniforth

Alex Staniforth

Mind over Mountains

Ultra-Endurance Adventurer | Motivational Speaker | Author | Ambassador & Director of Mind Over Mountains

Why settle for base camp? Aged 24, I’m an ultra-endurance adventurer, international motivational speaker, author, brand ambassador and director of Mind Over Mountains, a charity to restore mental health through outdoor experiences. By sharing my adventures through adversity in live and virtual events and conferences, I inspire organisations to re-define success, build resilience, and improve their well-being. We don’t always get to choose our challenges, but we can choose our response.

I’m no stranger to adversity. Throughout school I suffered epilepsy, stammering, extensive bullying and a subsequent lack of confidence. Aged 18, I made two attempts to climb Mount Everest in 2014 and 2015, when the expedition was aborted following an avalanche. Despite an ‘ordinary’​ background, I raised the £35k expedition costs in just one year and returned in 2015 to survive an avalanche below Camp 1, triggered by the Nepal earthquake, sadly killing 22 people at base camp including 3 teammates. My debut book ‘​’Icefall’​’ tells the story, endorsed by Bear Grylls.

In July 2017 I became the fastest person ever to climb all 100 UK county tops in 72 days, a 5,000 mile journey by bike, foot and kayak and winning the Pride of Britain Granada Reports Fundraiser of the Year 2017. I have raised over £100,000 total for charities through my challenges. My second book ‘Another Peak’ was published by Trigger Press in July 2019.

Having suffered with episodes of mental ill health since being a teenager, I co-founded Mind Over Mountains in 2020, a mental health charity to help people restore mental health through outdoor experiences. I then ran the National Three Peaks Challenge – 452 miles in 9 days and 12 hours.

Now I share these experiences to help organisations achieve their peak potential.
Do your team lack the resilience to move forwards through adversity?
Has a fear of failure stranded them at base camp?
Are they embracing the journey, or looking for the next threat?
I’d love to lead them up the ‘mountain’ and equip their resilience rucksack to reach their own Everest.

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