Business Accelerator

Business Accelerator


A bespoke consultation to suit your business development, planning and growth requirements



The Business Accelerator Plan

This initial consultation will offer you a bespoke networking and business development support with networking and relationship-marketing consultant Kirsty James.

The plan comprises a 60 minute private 1-to-1 meeting (online via Zoom or in-person subject to feasibility) plus follow up ideas, actions, resources and introductions as relevant.

It can be built to suit your business development, marketing and planning requirements. Content can include items from the following list:

  • Networking skills for in-person and online events
  • Networking strategy and blending on, off and social networking
  • Lead generation, referrals and affiliates
  • Identifying the contacts you need & providing introductions
  • Sourcing free help, funding and resources
  • Identifying networking groups and events to attend
  • Online networking and social media set up eg Facebook and Linkedin profiles and pages
  • Drafting or rewriting marketing copy for marketing and networking collateral such as social media accounts, website, business cards, pop ups and brochures
  • Contact management and systems reviews such as CRMs, databases, email communication and newsletters.
  • Follow up strategy
  • Feedback and testimonial/recommendation practices
  • Brainstorming new business ideas and solutions
  • Handholding at networking and business events
  • Accountability to put networking and marketing plans into action

Beyond the initial networking development session, Kirsty then works on an hourly rate for her networking marketing support services of £60/hr

Business Accelerator Plan: £99