Sally Inkster

Sally Inkster

Sally Inkster

Personal Brand Styling at

Does your business and personal brand attract your perfect clients?

If you are like most entrepreneurs… probably not!

Brand, like fashion, changes with the seasons. To keep both you and your business looking relevant, you need to revamp and update both regularly.

If you are honest, you probably just ‘wing it’, with a simple logo, a nice colour theme and the same style that you’ve worn for years – yes it feels comfortable, but, it won’t cut it if you want to stand out from the crowd.

That’s where I come in… my motto is ‘let’s not leave this to chance, let’s stand out from the crowd and make a lasting and compelling first impression’.

Want to learn more… join me in person, or in one of my online platforms and let me help you to be the real you… just with more clients!


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Jan 20 Colony Networking (Chester) January 2020 2 Hours January 15, 2020