Jo Howarth

The Happiness Club

Happiness Expert, Author, Speaker, Mindfulness, Corporate Resilience, Stress Management

Ros Edlin


Stress Management Trainer working with you to reduce stress in the work place and at school

Natacha Thompson

Accord Counselling Services

Individual support to those experiencing anxiety, depression or other emotional distress

Helen Jones

Mindgift Ltd

MD & NLP coach at Mindgift - giving you the tools to be a healthier happier you

Toni Mackenzie

Inner Depths

Changing lives by changing minds at Inner Depths Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

The Property Mentor

Colony Networking Associate

Property mentoring and investment coaching to accelerate your journey to property investment success

Alison Roylance-White

The Property Mentor

Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Network event host

Lucy Jackman

Comma Sense Limited

Straightforward communications support for your business

Roger Draper

Warrington Wolves

Chief Executive of Warrington Wolves

Emma Hutchinson

Warrington Festival/Livewire

Managing Director of Livewire, Culture Warrington and Warrington Festival