Natasha Jones

Natasha Jones

Effective Law Group

Highly Unusual Employment Lawyer🎇Author📚Workplace Wellbeing Ambassador ✨ Director of Effective Perspective🤔Developing strategies in Wellbeing➡️

Will it take a life changing event or catalyst to tweak your life, career or business?

I was called to be a lawyer to help others (following studying human nature in psychology). I am fascinated with what makes people ‘tick’-passionate about identifying solutions to catch executives-

✨As founder of the Effective Law Group I support clients with all aspects of employment law and develop executive online programmes. Senior people can get to reclaim a life of clarity, purpose and fulfilment #healthybody #healthymind.

I am Author of “Mandemic – A Tale of a Man who didn’t like to be told what to do” and available now on Amazon.

✨ Increasing numbers of executives, often men, are getting to a place of fatigue/burnout or feel a sense of loss and detachment through circumstances such as being made redundant or suffering other losses in their life . This is often made worse because being at ’the top’ can be a lonely place – busy people with a lot on their plates rarely dare to admit how they feel to either their colleagues or their families. I can meet executives where they ‘truly are’ as I understand fully the environment, having worked in such myself, uniquely placing me as a trusted advisor.

✨#redundancyisnotapersonalfailure but often a life changing experience of enforced change.

Through support and identification of individual needs, together with establishing ‘purpose’ many of my clients eventually learn to see Redundancy as a positive catalyst for reigniting their lives and effecting lasting positive change💥

✨Executives often struggle to share their feelings, emotions, and deal with these in secrecy, which can be debilitating and so take time to re-find balance again. Alignment of body and mind facilitates transformation that propels from a feeling of being stuck to a new place of revitalisation, energised enthusiasm and motivation to move forwards.

Ultimately, in reframing and positioning “loss” as a catalyst 🔥for change, I help executives see that what was initially perceived as the worst thing that ever happened is a catalyst 💥 to reset their life in a more fulfilling direction then find new solutions and pathways.

✨ For over 20 years I have helped organisations achieve success through their people ( employment lawyer and business owner). I have specialised in advising CEO/COO’s/HR Teams across a broad spectrum of sectors. My experience is in the professional/corporate fields coupled with a deep commitment to health/ self-nourishment has birthed a unique and exciting eight step transformation journey


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