Kim Rutherford

Kim Rutherford

Dalton Wise Coaching and Therapy

Reducing stress | anxiety | burnout for professionals and leaders through coaching

As experienced Psychotherapists, Leadership Coaches and Senior Managers, Dalton Wise was created to support those in professional roles to manage and overcome stress related issues and improve their wellness and wellbeing and prevent long term mental health and physical health issues occurring. Through one to one support and group support, we provide the tools to tackle yesterday’s issues, today’s problems and tomorrow’s stresses. Our unique 8 Wise wellness model develops the tools needed to manage stress and wellness effectively and prevent longer term mental health issues. Our training courses focus on raising mental health awareness, managing stress effectively and developing effective leadership tools. Bespoke training is also available. Our one-to-one services are provided either face to face or virtually via video call and Zoom – Therapeutic Life Coaching/Leadership Coaching/Counselling/CBT/ Hypnotherapy/Relaxation Therapy.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Oct 19 Colony Networking (Liverpool) October 2019 2 Hours October 9, 2019