Joanne Hawkins

Joanne Hawkins

Executive VPA

Virtual PA & Freelance Office Manager - Helping to take your Business to the next level

Joanne is the owner of Executive VPA, a Freelance Office Manager and Virtual PA.

Voted North of England VA of the year 2014, she helps clients realise their true value and build their businesses to another level, find their work-life balance with the emphasis on saving time and growing their business while assisting with time management strategies and forward planning.

She is passionate about educating people about out-sourcing and showing them that they need not worry that their business will suffer if they don’t do everything themselves, it will in fact grow when they are freed up to market themselves and their business, which is what they set up to do in the first place.

Her primary areas of assistance include:
1. Assist with Marketing, ie Blog/Social Media/Newsletters etc
2. Help with Time Consuming Admin Tasks
3. Review processes to ensure they work as streamline and functional as possible

Joanne also runs Interactive Boutique Social Media Workshops; no technical jargon, just aimed at giving business owners a good understanding of how to use the tools available.



ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Nov Networking Ask the VA 2 Hours November 4, 2015