Dr Becky Quicke

Dr Becky Quicke


Menstrual/Menopause stress and anxiety | Speaker | Workshops | Retreats | Clinical Psychologist

Many women are suffering with menstrual health issues and stress that holds them back.
Are you a women who is affected by pre-menstrual or menopausal anxiety/stress/tension/depression?
If yes, I may be able to help you.

Does it hold you back from reaching your potential in work?
Does it impact your relationships with colleagues/partners/children/friends?
Do you beat yourself up about it?
Have you tried to get rid of it but that hasn’t worked?
Have you seriously had enough of it?
Do you feel powerless within in?

If you answered yes, I can probably help you.

Do you want to try another way that involves scientifically proven psychological approaches to help you attune to your body and mind in a different way?

If yes, I’m almost certain I can help you.

Do you accept that psychological self development involves an investment of time and money. That there are no quick fixes but that a new way of being and psychological flexibility skills can result in long term transformational changes?

If yes, I can definitely help you.

As a women in my 40s with a 20 year career in Clinical Psychology and my own journey through many hormonal storms and menstrual cycle issues, I bring a unique blend of expertise and experience to help you navigate your way towards hormone harmony and inner peace.

I have created ‘The Attunement Process’ just for you. I guide women through the following 6 steps:

1. Explore the stress with curiosity
2. Traverse the turbulence with flexibility
3. Connect to your mind, body and soul with compassion
4. Embrace the challenges with commitment
5. Create your future with purpose
6. Embody fulfilment with wholeheartedness

I guide women through workshops, retreats and masterminds and online 1:1 sessions.

I also provide mentoring and supervision support for professionals wanting to increase their understanding of menstrual/menopause related stress and anxiety to enhance their services for their female clients.

Have a look through my website beckyquicke.com to get a general sense of me and my wider approach and get in touch if you are ready to be guided through ‘The Attunement Process’ to embrace the power that is within you to embody fulfilment with wholeheartedness.


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May 20 ONLINE: Colony Wellbeing – First Friday May 2020 1 Hours May 1, 2020
Oct 19 Women Colony Women (Warrington) October 2019 2 Hours October 18, 2019