Codilia Gapare

Codilia Gapare


Owner/ Founder at (multi award winning) C- which was started in 2015.

My name is Codilia Gapare and I would like to introduce C-Lash. C-Lash is currently the only multi award winning false eyelash specifically made for people who have lost their own lashes due to illness.
In July 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During my treatment I lost my hair, eye brows and eyelashes. While I found wigs that worked well and eyebrow pencils to cover my missing eyebrows, there was nothing on the market that worked for my missing eyelashes. The false eyelashes that are currently on the market attach to existing eyelashes, making it very difficult for people who have or are losing their eyelashes to wear them. C- Lash adheres to the eyelid rather than eyelashes making it possible to wear after losing your eyelashes.

 They work well even if you have no lashes.
 They stay in place all day
 You can still apply eye makeup
 Once in place they can only be seen on close inspection
 They use standard glue so there is less chance of irritation
 They are subtle, making them suitable for men.
 They are easy to take off
 They have been tested on people who have lost their lashes with very good feedback
*Update* C-Lash is now available exclusively from Boots stores and Boots online!!!


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June 19 Women Colony Women (Warrington) June 2019 2 Hours June 26, 2019