Amanda Ward

Amanda Ward

Enjoy Benefits

Employee benefits that save money; from childcare vouchers to cars.

Amanda Ward is the owner of Enjoy Benefits Ltd, set up in 2002 with the aim of making employees and parents lives more affordable.

Enjoy Benefits provides clients across the UK a range of employee benefits. These are solutions that also help reduce the day to day living costs for employees.

As a mother as well as a business owner, Amanda is especially keen for all working parents to find out about how they can save money by using either childcare vouchers or the workplace nursery benefit.

Amanda says ”Finding the right childcare is crucial for every working parent and childcare remains a big cost from birth right up to the time most children are starting at high school.  By asking your employer (or taking the benefits through your own company) you can save thousands of pounds each year on your childcare”.  Both childcare vouchers and the workplace nursery benefit can be offered by the employer with no additional cost to the business so no reason not to offer the benefit to every working parent.

At the moment, everyone is working harder, money is tighter and rewarding employees for their efforts may seem impossible.  However, smart employers can add considerably to their employees disposable income by offering a few carefully chosen employee benefits. Offering benefits such as childcare vouchers, bike to work, gym memberships, discounts on family spending and dining cards, annual car parking passes or even a new car with all the running costs covered through gross salary means more money at the end of the month.

We work with companies of all sizes: from parents who own and run their own limited companies through to large national businesses. We offer a big range of employee benefits that enable these businesses to reward their employees at no cost to the organisation.


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