Think Family Matters: eSafety


Presentation of the key challenges facing families with regard to their children's internet safety plus practical guidance for parents and carers on social media usage
Price: Voluntary Donation


February 8, 2018 - 7:00 pm


February 8, 2018 - 9:30 pm


Cherry Tree Primary School, Hardy Road, Lymm, WA13 0NX   View map

Sexting..Grooming..Cyberbullying..Paedophilia..Trolling..Safeguarding..Parental Controls

Want to keep your family safe on the Internet?

How much do we really understand about the dangers of the Internet and social media, particularly for our children?

The Internet is a fantastic resource, crucial to developing core skills, but with terms such as cyberbullying, sexting, paedophilia, grooming, trolling and safeguarding so frequently banded about in the media, how can parents keep up?

Undoubtedly, without accurate information, education and management of the technology around us, and an understanding of the myriad of support organisations and campaigns available, the internet and social media usage has the capacity to present both physical and psychological dangers.

During the evening, our speakers – including experts from the NSPCC, a cyber protection agency and the Youth Federation – will discuss many of the challenges, dilemmas and practical issues parents face on a wide range of eSafety topics and provide practical guidance, tips and advice for parents and guardians to navigate the internet and key social media.

PTA bar open for refreshments on the evening.

Format (subject to adjustment):

19.00 – Arrival, Registration, Refreshments

19.15 – Welcome and Introductions

19.20 – Part 1

20.00 – Interval and Social

20.15 – Part 2

21.15 – Q&A

21.30 – Thanks and Close

Event Programme includes:

  • ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ & Childline (NSPCC)
  • The dangers of certain apps, including a review of Instagram, Snapchat and (Youth Federation)
  • Cyber-safety tools: Parental Controls, Filters, & Software


Information, links and resources will be offered to attendees and also added to the resources page of this website as they become available. Click here to view the Think Family Matters resources page.


All parties are selected carefully to ensure they are sufficiently qualified and experienced to speak on their subject matter. The organisers do not control presentation content but, by acting as a vehicle to coordinate parties and facilitate events, will always vet the credentials of speakers before events occur.

Info & FAQ:

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About the Organiser:

Think Family Matters is a committee-managed social enterprise chaired by Kirsty James and based in South Warrington.

It offers events, workshops and support resources on topics that challenge family wellbeing, particularly eSafety/Social Media, Health and Nutrition and Mental Health.

Pre-booking is required as numbers will be limited. Click Register to reserve a place. The event is free but voluntary donations are sought towards the project. A pay bar will be provided by Cherry Tree School PTA.