Networking Essentials


Networking Strategy: The Why, When, Where, Who, What & How
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Kirsty James
Colony Networking Group / KJBS


February 16, 2017 - 9:00 am


February 16, 2017 - 11:00 am


The Lymm Hotel, Whitbarrow Road, Lymm, Warrington, WA13 9AQ   View map

Networking and Presentation event, followed by optional practical Workshop.

Open networking plus a presentation and structured planning activities on networking strategy.


Networking is an accepted pre-requisite for many small business owners. Yet many business owners may not have networked before setting up their business, nor been told they may need to network and how to do it effectively. It is rarely taught in business courses and so is learnt on the job, often with time-consuming mistakes and knocks to self-confidence and self-esteem. People may be mixing in the wrong circles at the wrong events and saying the wrong things and then wonder why they’re not making good connections.

Business development strategy is all too often viewed as being about other marketing activities but networking skills form an integral part of today’s communication strategy which can really underpin business success. Our presentation and supporting workshop activities will focus on the Why, When, Where, Who, What and How of your Networking strategy to include the following:

  • Definitions – Networking, Business Development, Lead Generation, Relationship Marketing, Retention Marketing, Re-Networking, and Networking v Social Networking.
  • Best Practice Essentials – The why, who, what, where, when and how of business networking. What a small business owner needs to do and the potential shortfalls of bad networking in terms of brand and reputation damage.
  • Reviewing the position of networking in the wider business development strategy.
  • Developing networking tools (elevator pitch, use of the right marketing collateral and branded materials such as business cards or flyers that include the correct contact info and calls to action).
  • Summarising the differing format of networking events and sourcing and signposting the right environment and style or behaviour to benefit your growing business.


09.00 – Arrival, Registration and Open Networking

09.30 – Introductions & Announcements

09.40-11.00 – Presentation & Structured Networking activities

11.15-12.30 – Practical Workshop to create your own Networking Essentials plan


£10 Networking & Presentation only (9-11)

£20 Workshop only (11.15-12.30) (includes support resources)

£25 Both


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