Goal Re-Setting for your Personality Type


Understanding your personality type will help you re-formulate and achieve your business goals
Price: £10-25.00


Nikki Griffiths
Nikki Griffiths Ltd


February 25, 2016 - 9:00 am


February 25, 2016 - 12:15 pm


The Lymm Hotel, Whitbarrow Road, Lymm, Warrington, WA13 9AQ   View map

Networking and Presentation event, followed by small group practical workshop

It’s February. New Year’s resolutions and goals may have been set or may already have been superseded by workloads. Now is the time to take stock, re-evaluate the goals, but more importantly re-align them realistically with your natural abilities and personality type. We’ve all done goal setting. And many have also done personality profiling to understand how to interact with others and do business using their strengths accordingly. Have you ever put the two together though?  Here, we’ll take you beyond standard planning that involves setting targets, focus sessions, vision boards, and strategising and look at how you set and achieve goals based on personality traits and the profiling theories used in the DISC assessment.

This networking and workshop event works in a modular way to network and learn. Choose whether to attend our standard networking and presentation event, the practical workshop afterwards, or both events to network, hear the theory and then get hands-on practical support afterwards from expert Nikki Griffiths. There’s over 3 hours on offer to work on your business development.


Event includes networking plus content on goal re-setting based on personality and behavioural profiling using DISC techniques.

How many times have you heard someone say “try this – it works brilliantly for me” only to find it doesn’t work particularly well for you?

The same goes for goal setting. We all have a predominant personality “type” that we tend to default to. It determines our preferences, how we communicate and how we tackle situations. One way of goal setting may work for one person, but not for someone else. If someone had difficulty reading some text, you wouldn’t give them your specs and say “they work for me so they should work for you”!

This taster workshop will go through the different traits of each personality type – you’re likely to spot a few of your own traits – and how goal setting differs for each one. Start to re-formulate your goals according to what will work for you so that you CAN achieve them.


09.00 – Arrival, Registration and Open Networking

09.20 – Introductions & Announcements

09.30-10.30 – Networking & Introductory Presentation on goal re-setting and personality profiling

10.30 – Open Networking (& workshop arrivals)

10.45-12.15 – Practical hands-on workshop on goal re-setting and personality profiling


  • £10 (networking & talk only 09.00-10.45)
  • £20 (practical workshop 10.30-12.15, includes resources)
  • £25 (full morning of networking, presentation and workshop)
  • Due to high demand, please note that any cancellations for the workshop session made in the last 48 hours will be subject to a £10 admin fee

Pre-booked places include refreshments. Click Register to book and pay by card via Eventbrite. Please note that any cancellations for the workshop session made within the last 48 hours will attract a fee of £10 to cover admin costs.