Colony Community

Colony Community is a community well-being initiative launched in 2015 that helps busy individuals and families access information and services on their doorstep relevant to modern day well-being and lifestyle challenges.

Colony Community offers workshops and support events on topical subjects facing individual members of the community. We source and involve third parties from the private, public and third sector that have services, information and support to offer relating to a variety of modern day lifestyle challenges.

Community work and engagement is nothing new but Community Networking is perhaps an unfamiliar concept. Within the business sector, you expect to find events, share expertise and connect with business contacts; in the community however, it can be harder to find events that aren’t just socials or fundraisers but that provide information and introduce local service providers and so we fall back on word of mouth and time-consuming research instead

Colony Community aims to bridge the gap between Business and Community by connecting great local services and expertise from all sectors with the wider community on subjects that could really make a difference to local people. And, by working together and keeping it local, there is then mutual benefit of all and ‘Success in Numbers’.

Our current community event themes include Health and Nutrition, Internet Safety, Mental Health, Financial Security, Allergies, Disability and SEN, and Women’s health. All events run at local community venues, including schools, and support local charities and concerns by raising awareness of their work and the services they offer.


Colony Community runs events on the following themes:

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Internet Safety
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Financial Security
  • Allergy Awareness
  • Disability And SEN
  • Women’s Health

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Colony Community events run quarterly at present unless commissioned privately.

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