Goal Setting or should that be Goal Re-Setting

So, January is often the month of planning for many people. New Year’s Resolutions are set by many both for their businesses and personally.

Whether or not you’re a believer in NYR’s, why limit yourself to a January expression of intent; why not focus on the whole year and goal-set more realistically and over an extended period of time.

If it’s a New Year trigger point that’s needed, don’t pin your aspirations on January alone when there are so many other New Year markers to grasp hold off – calendar (January), financial (April), academic (September for the UK), Accounting (your business’s own), religious, and many more.

Better still, set goals quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily. By setting and reviewing them regularly (plus committing them to paper or verbally sharing them), then there’s much more chance they’ll be achieved and not just become yet more expressions of intent.

Goal setting is about breaking things into meaningful chunks, hence the widely used acronym ‘SMART’ goal-setting, utilised in various ways but generally including parameters such as: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

What many goal-setting exercises sometimes fail to consider during their focus sessions, vision board design, and strategising is the formidable barrier that individual personality can have on both the planning process and success rate.

Psychometric profiling in a traditional sense may be criticised for labelling people and boxing them into categories. Done properly though and with flexibility, it can greatly assist to understand strengths and weaknesses to leverage relationships but more importantly allow for goals to be re-formulated, re-aligned and therefore achieved.

In February, Colony will tackle goal setting from a different angle – Goal Re-Setting! After the goal-setting, should come the Re-Setting – taking stock and re-evaluating goals, BUT re-aligning them realistically with your natural abilities and personality type. We’ve all done goal setting. And many have also done personality profiling to understand how to interact with others and do business using their strengths accordingly. How often do we put the two together though?  Click here to view our business support event related to this subject