Can networking lead you to books?

Can networking lead you to books?

As I write this, its #WorldBookDay2021 which has led me to consider the role that networking has had in directing me to so many sources of invaluable reading matter. I’ve also realised just how many connections I have that have written books or intend to write books; my Kindle, Amazon wishlist and recommended reading list is brimming with titles that I can’t realistically think of getting through any time soon. I have more books via contacts met via networking than I could ever dream of.

They say everyone has a book in them. I’m starting to believe this could be truer than I thought when I consider how many folk I know who’ve begun writing… and the fact that the aspiration to write has steadily climbed up my bucket list too during the last year.

To prove how relevant networking is at leading into a book reading or writing journey, and this is way before you even embark on the pursuit of the main text books and famous authors, I thought I’d explore the myriad of book-writing connections I had to see where it might take me today – World Book Day 2021.

Do join in if you have written/are writing a book or if you have a must-read item to share. The names mentioned here are just some of those that sprang to mind in a very short space of time when I woke today, perhaps because of the recency of interaction with their content. I hadn’t planned to write today but these names came to mind easily, many of their books being items that sit on my bedside table or in my handbag kindle. I feel sure I’ve missed many fabulous authors I know though so I guess this blog may become an ongoing edit.

So, suffice to say, I love to chat about reading matter. For entertainment or education, recommendations are a pot of gold. Before you go on holiday. Whilst running a business. And so much more.

One of my favourite events of the year is Sue France‘s Literary Lunch where current and would-be authors stand up to read extracts from their books. I always buy books and particularly enjoyed work by KAREN KELLY Author and Podcaster and Amanda Prowse after the last event. Sue, you must have so many authors to recommend

Business and networking events have been a great source of reading matter. Several years ago, through Caroline Evers‘ former group I met speaker and author Penny Haslam Bit Famous (and fellow school mum as it turned out) whose book pushed me to accept more speaking and interview invites last year

Networking also led me to Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet’, via Andrew Thorp who always has so many great book, TED and #TEDx talk recommendations to offer to those who follow his posts or attend his presentation and story-telling workshops.

Oddly during a birthday catch up earlier this week with fellow TEDx organisers Catherine Sandland & Samantha Newey, that same book came up again amidst the cake, singing and chat and sparked debate about introversion and the value of those quiet ideas-people who who spontaneously generate with new ideas…and often share them generously.

It is through networking that the work of my esteemed #Linkedinlocal contacts Anna McAfee & Anthony Taylor (Mental Fitness) has hit my reading list.

Talking about networking directly, my speed networking event partner Mike Grocott has been working hard on his networking resource books which I know will be invaluable

On other business resources, there’s also Sim Goldblum‘s book; Jay Allen who must have a library by now; and Sally Penni MBE has written legal books as well as a fabulous fundraising children’s book with her daughter in lockdown

I feel sure too that lockdown may also have yielded books or book plans from Emma Guy & Sally Prescott

On self-development pieces tinged with the candid realities of life’s challenges, I enjoyed reading books by Toni Mackenzie and Irene Wignall before having them speak at my events

And on the effect of life events, the most recent book I’ve recommended this week is Joeli Brearley‘s ‘Pregnant, then Screwed’ because my sister had a baby the other day but lost a very senior job in events recently so it’s a relevant issue.

Whenever I need more reading material, I always call Chalky White – Freedom Trainer 🥂, my oldest networking contact (old by being the 1st person I ever met, not age) who is a font of book knowledge.

And yesterday, John Cooper and I were planning my 18/3 event on humour & improv to coincide with Red Nose Day & we segwayed into books and offered each other titles and contacts. I mentioned some contacts to look up, including Roy Newey with his business book club which I’m keen to try. In fact, Dave Verburg, ran a book club too.

I also shared a secret with John. That for my birthday this week, I treated myself to a book-writing exploratory session with book coach Sian-Elin Flint-Freel. Super excited about where that may lead and on what topic…..!

They say everyone has a book in them. I’m starting to believe this could be truer than I thought!

What books are on your bedside table or in your kindle?

Have you written something you could share?

Have you got a hidden book inside of you?

Have you made connections via business and networking circles that have led you to read more (or write) and what did they recommend?

Please add any further recommended reading thoughts, book links, reviews or reading inspiration that you may have. I’m all ears…and eyes.

Happy reading!

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