❌ 12 networking mistakes & 3 actions

❌ 12 networking mistakes & 3 actions

❌ Don’t be fooled by these 12 networking mistakes, ✅ Consider these 3 things instead 👇

12 Networking Misconceptions

Here are some of the mistakes and misconceptions I see in networking and my advice.

1. That all networking events and groups are the same.
Each group has its own culture, format and benefits. You need to try things to find the right fit, what suits your character and what meets your business requirements.

2. That attendance at 1 group is sufficient.
Most successful networkers attend multiple groups and strive for a blended strategy of in-person, on-line and social networking – the new networking normal.

3. That networking is about event attendance.
Networking takes many other forms.

4. That quantity is better than quality. 
The value of networking lies in strong relationship-building from the inner centre outwards AND in the networks that sit behind the people you meet.

5. That you can’t follow up with someone you met/were introduced to ages ago.
Prompt follow up is ideal but we all get busy. I teach folk a 7 step follow-up strategy and EVEN if time has elapsed, you can still get in contact.

6. That you’re not yet in multiple networks or already networking.
Don’t overlook all the connection bubbles you already belong too and how to leverage these.

7. That your personal life/circles aren’t relevant to your business lead generation and relationship-building and/or you want to keep things separate. 
Personal choice and circumstance of course but if you enjoy what you do and believe you add value and solve problems, it can be hugely beneficial for that information to be shared beyond work circles.

8. That you’ll get sales from networking.
You might of course get lucky but networking as we all know is a slow-burner and about relationships first, sales (potentially) next.

9. That online (zoom) networking is impersonal / boring / repetitive and can’t work.
With the right inter-personal and technical skills, online networking can work wonders PLUS this version isn’t going back in its box any time soon!

10. That everyone networks for the same reason and is prospecting. 
There are many reasons to network and you need to figure out your Networking Why before you start to figure out the rest of Kiplings 5W’s but remember that other people’s Why’s may differ to yours. Listen first. Speak next. Adapt what you say.

11. That other networkers, even experienced ones, don’t get nervous or uncomfortable at times talking to strangers or breaking into closed groups. 
Networking is not about confident, extrovert behaviour, it’s about skillset, strategy, being human AND finding the right balance between feeling comfortable and yet pushing beyond your comfort zone.

12. That people you meet are better than you by title, company name, job description or career history. 
You’re in the same room now and the playing field is level. Networking begins with respect and equality so park the imposter syndrome at the front door because everyone has their value.

And now that we’re past the foolery of April 1st, I’d like to invite you to do these 3 things:

1. Reflect on whether the above mistakes have ever impacted you and don’t be fooled by prior experiences or misconceptions of how networking works.

2. Consider that networking is more than just events and what Colony can do to support your business growth. With a 1-to-1 starter session from just £99, Kirsty James can review your business challenges, generate ideas and back them with the right contacts for quick solutions. If you know anyone that needs business development support, she WILL be able to help.

3. Take a look at the events our our website and come along for some great content. For Colony events, contact Kirsty for a newbie code if you’ve not attended before or in the last 12 months.

Happy Networking – Happy April Fools Day – And Happy Easter break.


More info:

Kirsty James is a networking, relationship marketing and communications consultant. She is the Owner of Colony Networking, Manager of Lymm Business Centre, Curator of TEDx Warrington, and Co-host of LinkedinLocal Manchester and Warrington, Group Leader and Partner of SUBS Warrington, CoHost of KTS Women in Business, Founder of Think Family Matters, and Co-Host of SoupOTG Crowdfunding.

Kirsty facilitates, hosts and speaks at business development, networking and community events. She also offers consultancy services including business development, relationship marketing, lead generation, referral services, networking skills training and communication planning. Kirsty is a champion of effective business communication and relationship marketing and uses the power of networking and conversation to enable personal and business growth and community engagement.

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